The following are reflections and memories from Alumni of the neueKUNSTschule . We asked: What would you like to share about Zvi, and what would you like to share about the neueKUNSTschule?

I studied with Zvi for a year in 2007 and now, nearly 8 years later, I still reference my notes from his lectures in art history and anthroposophy. In my current artistic practice I regularly work with questions that first arose for me in his painting course all those years ago. His insights are highly original and so relevant for contemporary artists (or anyone who is interested in looking beneath the surface of things). If you ever have the opportunity to attend one of Zvi’s lectures or painting courses do not miss it!
— Laura Charlton, NYC
When I first came to the nKs in the autumn of 2000, I was already an oil painter with a certain direction. Much of my vision of “what I would like to see happen with painting” overlapped, and was enhanced and clarified, by my two years attending the school. I think that the exercises we did in my first year were a significant contribution to creating an enhanced vocabulary for my work as a painter, but perhaps more significant was the interest, belief and excitement the teachers had in my path of artistic discovery. I can only say I feel “lucky” to have had this experience.
— Dan Pate, TN
I met Zvi in the fall of 1999 at a talk he gave on color theory. In what I discovered to be his usual direct way, Zvi approached me and asked who I was. “I thought so,” he said, surprising me with not only his interest, but also his having expected me. An acquaintance had let him know I was coming, as the circle in and around the school, I learned, was intimate.

A few weeks later, I spoke with Zvi about possibly enrolling as a student. After a deep discussion, sensing that attending the school would change the course of my life, I wondered aloud what I should do. Zvi rolled his eyes and laughingly told me to call 1-800-HELP-ME. He left me free to chart my own path, but he also let me know I would be very welcome at the school.

Direct, honest, warm, and funny. In life and in lectures, Zvi gets to the point, moving fluidly between the everyday, the worldly, and the other-worldly. More than anyone I know, he is a conduit of Anthroposophy.

And I was right - spending time with Zvi did change the course of my life. America, how about you?
— Stacey Malde, TN
What to say about my studies at the newARTschool? If it was a school only striving for genuine technical ability in painting, that would be difficult enough, but they are trying for more. The school is going for individual authenticity in imagination and in spiritual science. Not an authenticity one might imagine, as a dogmatic approach where the authentic painting style, the authentic approach to entering an imaginative process is dictated. While the exercises are definitely structured, the authenticity I am referring to is the authenticity of a start, an authenticity of questions and experiment. The conversation at the school is of our time and includes the questions concerning postmodern painting, art, culture, capitalism, technology, Marxism, materialism, society and knowledge.

I remember it as an art school offering resistance and assistance, and both of these well.
— Nathaniel Williams, NY
“I approached Zvi after being dissatisfied about my foundation year experience. I had become interested in the vibrant group he led and the paintings I had seen that spoke to my soul using color in a direct way. I remember telling him there was one problem, I was not an artist. I had not been raised in an artistic household and never had any skill. He told me that art was what one “dredged up” from deep in the soul and that in a way starting as a “non artist” might be ideal.

He proved to be correct. It was hard work. But something was dredged up too, and I would often look up at my work in surprise that it was something I had done.

I currently work as a physician full time in a busy hospital, part time in private practice. Looking objectively at my biography, I owe my ability to practice medicine to my experience in the neueKunstschule. Zvi would always tell us when painting landscapes and objects - “Don’t just make up a shape or color out of your head abstractly - listen to what is there in the phenomenon.” I never knew how many hues of red and blue were actually in the white tile behind the sink. Zvi showed us how through art our loving conscious activity blooms into deeper reality. But I was not just painting, I was the Karate Kid doing “wax on, wax off” activity that has been not just practical, but lifesaving for some under my care. When my patients tell me, “You aren’t like other doctors. You actually sit down and listen to me,” I point to my experience with the neueKUNSTschule.
— Mark Hancock, Atlanta GA
The depth and quality of study of anthroposophy at the newARTschool went far beyond my expectation. I thrived on the vitality of art history, the practical work with color and the challenge of standing in front of a blank canvas - which teaches a person a most practical skill, which I later experienced is really applicable in so many areas of life. Especially important to me were the art observation activities and the cultivation of artistic feeling - these were skillfully woven into the courses and became a real foundation for me, not just for relating to the world of art, but for a healthy orientation in the world. I made it a point to attend all possible art observations, even when visiting the school after graduation.

It was quite surprising to me just how much the example that Julitta and Zvi were able to offer throughout the training manifested in the years after I left the school as new capacities that unfolded in me. It is meaningful to mention how indebted I am to all that they have given.

From the quality of my own experience, I encourage any potential student: if you are foreign to Europe, if you carry a wish like I did, to live in Europe, to really learn another language, to take some part of your life and dedicate it to the fundamental human capacities developed in the study and activity of art, or to deepen your understanding of Anthroposophy - take a good look at the newARTschool. There is more being offered there than a casual visit can reveal. Some things, we only realize in reflection, and with time, come to appreciate all the more. This continues to be my experience of the newARTschool in Basel. And, I believe that much good can come about if more people, not just students, would cultivate a relationship with the newARTschool, with its graduates, and with the artistic questions living there; for with such participation, we can each add to what is being cultivated at the newARTschool.
— Michael Lapointe, NY
Meeting Zvi at the school meant to me meeting somebody I could ask all the many, spiritual, artistic, existential, sometimes weird questions I had as a young person who was trying to figure out what she is doing on this planet. Often I got insightful answers, references for reading, or even more questions. But I always felt I had the legitimacy to ask and to receive.
This generosity permeates anything Zvi does. His lectures take you through a journey - connecting together thoughts you never realized you had - about art and life, opening up knots in your thinking, allowing your own activity to participate and learn.
Never about just- acquiring knowledge but always about establishing freedom in thought and in sight, I can say the school gave me (now a musician) the best tools to practice my art and deepen it independently.
— Faye Shapiro, Jerusalem
...The desert is beautiful,” the little prince added. And that was true. I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams. . .“What makes the desert beautiful,” said the little prince, “is that somewhere it hides a well. . . ”      (Quoted from The Little Prince- Antoine de Saint-Exupery chapter 24)

I attended the neuekunstschule from 2002-2007 and later spent a few months each year between 2011-2013 as a guest teacher there. Studying there has helped me to find my way as an artist and illustrator. I feel it has given me a solid foundation rooted in Art History and Anthroposophy and also the tools to find wellsprings of creative imagination through which further independent artistic work and research become possible.

The neueKUNSTschule is the most comprehensive art training I know of anywhere today. It enables students to both develop extensive drawing and painting skills in a variety of media and a wide visual vocabulary, not bound to a particular style, and at the same time to deepen their understanding and experience  of color, form, light and dark (etc.),  and their relationships to the whole human being. It is also a place where one can live into the evolution of human consciousness and it’s unfolding through living Anthroposophy, through Art observation or through contemplation and study of the works of thinkers and philosophers through the ages. 

Over the years I have come to see my time at the school as a deeply formative and transformative time in my life. Working through the painting and drawing exercises given by Julitta and Zvi, with their guidance, was a process of uncovering hidden paths for creativity and understanding for which I am very very thankful. It is a process that lives on in my independent artistic path. 
— Ella Lapointe, NY