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Feeling and Tonality: Painting as Awakening to the Reality of the Contemporary Soul.

  • Hawthorne Valley School 330 County Route 21c Ghent NY 12075 USA (map)

Feeling and Tonality: 
Painting as Awakening to the Reality of the Contemporary Soul.

A Painting Workshop using Egg Tempera and two public talks.

In a culture where the word "cool“ is a compliment, the question has to be asked: how do we find a way to experience and express the depth and complexity of the warm human soul? Can art, and specifically the Art of Color, lead the way over and beyond the ”cool ideas” into the realm of the real and the apprehension of the soulful spirit? If we want to evolve beyond “spontaneous groping in the dark,” we need to gain a deeper understanding of our Soul and its varicolored relationship with the realms of Painting and Color.
The weekend workshop will approach this question through practical work in painting and through thinking. The two open lectures, Friday and Saturday evening, will lay the theoretical background for the workshop and concentrate on the relationship between knowing and observing our soul activities, and how one transforms them into the means to paint and create.

The painting workshop will run Saturday and Sunday from 10am - 4pm.   Saturday morning we will learn how to make Egg-Tempera. Concentrating on the relationship between the element of tonality and the sphere of feeling we will learn to look for the musical and improvisational possibilities of the color tone scales and look for new approaches to the realm of imagination.  On Sunday we will look into the phenomena of imagining, searching for ways to dive deeper and come nearer to the source of creation.  

Open Lecture, Friday, February 5th, 7:30-9:00 PM
Lecture Admission $15  (included with Workshop Registration)
A Phenomenology of the Soul; 
Color, Tonality and Transparency
How do the various aspects of our soul life find their expression in different aspects of Color and Painting?

Open Lecture, Saturday, February 6th, 7:30-9:00 PM
Lecture Admission $15 (included with Workshop Registration)
Imagination and Thinking 
An investigation into the activity of imagination.  What do we do when we allow ourselves to imagine? How does imagination, as the source of creative activity, differ from thinking as a way of understanding, and what does Spiritual Science have to tell us about the spiritual reality of both?

Weekend Workshop fee: $250
Scholarships available
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'Barbara', Egg Tempera painting by Shira Nov

'Barbara', Egg Tempera painting by Shira Nov