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The Spiritual Reality of (Post)Modernity: Painting, Thinking and Anthroposophy in Our Evolving Age

  • Anthroposophical Society NYC 138 West 15th Street New York, NY, 10011 United States (map)

The Spiritual Reality of (Post)Modernity:  
Painting, Thinking and Anthroposophy in Our Evolving Age

Unfolding a large panorama of questions staged by artists and thinkers from the mid 19th century to our present day, this two-part lecture series will follow an attempt to uncover the concrete spiritual battle beneath the surface of the ever changing (Post)Modern culture. 

Each lecture will stand on its own and can be attended separately if one is unable to participate in the full series.  

Lecture 1    3pm Saturday January 23rd    Crossing the Threshold of Language: 
Thinking about Art as Language and Painting after its Death

With the beginning of Modernity, we experienced the arts falling apart into their separate elements: Pictures became Paintings and Paintings then became Grammatical Elements of a Language.  From Delacroix, to Van-Gogh, to Paul Klee, and deep into Conceptual Art, the relations between Art, Reality and Language have become central questions of (Post)Modern thinking. How can we reach under the surface of Culture to grasp the spiritual meaning of these processes for the evolution of consciousness? 

Lecture 2     7pm Saturday January 23rd
Reality and its Shadow: Art's Obsession with the Real and The Question of Being  

Why is contemporary art so interested in blurring the boundary between Art and Life? The shift of emphasis since the late seventies from the Art Object to the Art Event is a symptom of the new spiritual atmosphere which is experienced by thinkers, artists and increasingly the general public.  The singularity of the Event creates a strong contrast to the reproduced reality of the Objects around us. What is the spiritual reality of the singular event, which can not be predicted or repeated? Are Art and Philosophy knocking on the door of a more complex world in which matter and objects are only one of many levels?

Hands On Workshop 10am - 3pm Sunday January 24th 

The Title Comes Last:
A Painting workshop in Egg Tempera and Pigments

That which is becoming has no name. It exists in the state of being spoken. So too are paintings when they originate in the unwillingness of the creative to submit to being an idea. From where then do paintings come and what happens when we let the elements of painting develop their own behavior?  Can Color lead us into unexpected territories in which the invisible takes form?
Is it possible to allow Color to keep its promise and not be dominated by ideas on the one hand or subjective "spontaneity on the other? In this workshop we will seek to listen and work from decisions which are generated by a future painting, from the possibilities of Color, Tonality, Material Density - that is, from the painterly universe.  And the Idea?  It comes at the end, formulating itself as a last poetic spark, as a title.
Making our own egg tempera pigments and paints and exploring exercises developed over the last 18 years at the neueKUNSTschule (newARTschool) in Basel, Switzerland, we will try to let the pictures grow, become unexpected processes, and give form to Invisibility, not as new, painted objects but as an emerging Event.  

Saturday and Sunday, January 23 and 24th
New York Branch 

Cost for non members (Additional discount for members)
Single Lecture: $20/$15 (senior/student/Waldorf Teacher) 
Both Lectures: $30/$23
Sunday workshop: $120/$90  +$10 materials fee
Entire weekend: $150/$115 +$10 materials fee 

fees will be collected at the event.

If you encounter difficulties with registration or have any questions please email us at: 

Angelus Novus- Paul Klee

Angelus Novus- Paul Klee