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Since 1997, the *neueKUNSTschule in Basel, Switzerland (*newARTschool) has been a place of artistic and cultural study and research. It distinguishes itself through its commitment to anthroposophical spiritual science on one hand and its intensive concern with contemporary art and culture theory on the other. According to this approach we have been developing new
paths in art and art education.

The school offers a four year study for future artists, illustrators and art educators, and is also attended by artists already established in their professional life and seeking renewal of their inspiration and artistic imagination.

Our training facilitates a differentiated training of eye
and hand as well as a contemporary practice of painting.
“Learning to see” becomes a central concern of the evolving artists, promoting a new approach to sensual and spiritual reality alike. Opening up for the world of color and form uncovers rich levels of meaning in the world aroundus. 

As you can read on our website, studying at the newARTschool has become a key experience for many creative professionals. 

To learn more about the neueKUNSTschule and to see some of the graduate’s work click here.