Zvi Szir
Co-founder and co-director of the newARTschool, Basel.
Instructor in painting, drawing, contemporary art and anthroposophy.
Published author of articles on art, art theory, contemporary thinking and
anthroposophy, as well as a playwright.

Born 1965 in Israel, Zvi grew up in Kibbuz Bahan and, later, in Buenos Aires,
Argentina and Caracas, Venezuela. His intensive studies in the arts began at age 16, when parallel to high school he started attending photography classes at the Venezuelan Center of Photography in Caracas, as well as private painting classes. After release from the Israeli army at age 21, where for the final year he filmed and edited educational videos, Zvi studied contemporary art and philosophy, with special emphasis on painting, in the Tel-Hai Art College. He also began to study anthroposophy, the spiritual science founded by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). 

The interweaving of these three disciplines - contemporary art, philosophy and anthroposophy - has since been a central theme of his work.

After graduating from college in 1991, Zvi devoted one year to learning the German language. In October 1992, he began his studies at the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, the world center of anthroposophy. The Anthroposophical Study Year under the direction of Georg Goelzer was a key experience. 

In October 1994, Zvi was invited to teach painting and, later, anthroposophy in this seminar. Under the direction of artist and architect Christian Hitsch, Zvi also spent 1994 studying the sculptural motifs of the first Geotheanum, one of seventeen buildings designed by Rudolf Steiner.

Parallel to this, Zvi launched his first museum exhibitions, at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem (1993) and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Ghent (1995). He also contributed regularly to the Israeli art magazine "Studio."

In 1997, at the request of a group of students and in collaboration with Julitta Krebs, Zvi founded the newARTschool in Basel, a full four-year study program in art and anthroposophy (www.neuekunstschule.ch). Soon after, Zvi began publishing articles in the Anthroposophical Society's magazine “Das Goetheanum” (www.dasgoetheanum.ch).

In addition to being a co-director of the newARTschool and a working artist, Zvi gives public seminars and lectures on anthroposophy, art and contemporary thinking at the Goetheanum and the newARTschool, as well as in Germany, Israel, and, soon, the United States and China. The lecture and seminar work varies from painting and color studies to exploring the relationship between poststructuralism and anthroposophy. Examples are “Color and the Human Soul,” “The Spatial Experience of the Inner World,” “Imagination and Modernity,” "Anthroposophy and the Philosophers of the 21st Century,” “What is a
Picture?,” “Thinking and Imagination,” “How Can We Further Develop the Color Theory of Goethe?,” and “Is Education an Art Form?”

The newARTschool is evolving into an international organization. Zvi currently is teaching, co-directing, painting, writing and lecturing, in Basel as well as around the world.

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